Interact with the paintings.

Objects that change the mouse into a hand can be dragged.

Watch how everything changes art styles when over different art.  Restore the paintings and get your creative juices back so you can finish your own painting.

Complete the paintings to finish the game.

Submission Global Game Jam 2021
Theme: Lost and Found

Leon Oost: Programming, Game Design
Nils Slijkerman: Game Art, Programming, Game Design
Joeri Beumkes: Audio Design

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsSludgeKey, Gierige Gier, Extra Nice
Made withConstruct
Tags2021, artgame, Casual, Global Game Jam, Painting, Point & Click, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer

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Impressing! Very good game and ideas! 10/10

Thank you! We want to explore working together in the future with perhaps a museum somewhere to create more content and make it work in a physical exposition.
Glad you liked it!